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J.S. Mathur (Ed.) (?):

Gandhi: In the Mirror of Foreign Scholars (2007) (?)

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ISBN: 9788121209618 (?) or 8121209617, unknown language, National Gandhi Museum/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd. hardcover, New.

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National Gandhi Museum/Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd., 2007. hardcover. New. `Excellent collection of Essays on the various aspects of Gandhji`s life and thought, mostly by foreign scholars, published in Journal of Gandhian Studies and Gandhi Prasang, put together by Professor j.S. Mathur, who during the last thirty years has devoted himself to the propagation of Gandhian thought in his home town of Allahabad`.-B.R. Nanda These articles by internationally known authors like Jan Tinbergen, Gunnar Myrdal, Johan Galtung, E.F. Schumacher etc. show the continued relevance of Gandhiji`s thought and techniques of social change for a peaceful World order, and should be read by all scholars and thinkers alike. Contents: Preface Introduction 1. Gandhi-A Man who Changed the Course of History/Rodrigo Carazo 2. Peace through Integration/Jan Tinbergen 3. A New Life Style and Gandhian Thought/j. Tinbergen 4. A New World Employment Plan/j. Tinbergen, j.M. Den Uyl j. p. Pronk and W. Kok 5. The New International Order and Gandhian Thought/Jan Tinbergen 6. Equality as an Aim of Policy/Jan Tinbergen 7. Gandhi`s Relevance/j. Tinbergen 8. Poverty, Inequality and Gandhi/Gunnar Myrdal 9. Challenge of Stagnation in Developing Countries/Gunnar Myrdal 10. The Impact of Mahatma Gandhi on Martin Luther King/Stanley Wolpert 11. Universal Brotherhood/Vila Holmberg 12. Gandhiji and Contemporary Ideologies regarding Freedom, Peace and Equality/Haflin Samdin 13. Gandhi on Natural Law/Unto Tahtinen 14. Gandhi Techniques for the Removal of Economic Inequality/Francis Ofosu Quartey 15. The Gandhian Phenomenon/Amre M. Moussa 16. Sarvodaya-A Way to a Better Life in Peace and Harmony-The Sri Lankan Experience/Gudrun Loewner 17. International Peace : Japan`s Experience/Takaki Pio Yasuoka 18. Gandhiji and the Concept of Power/J. p. Pathirana 19. Gandhian Insights-Religion and Peace/Bishop Dr. Karoly Toth 20. Sarvodaya : Gandhi`s Alternative Development Strategy for Today`s World/Peter Kempadoo 21. Gandhi and Conflictology/Johan Galtung 22. The Modern Search for Peace : The Gandhian Way/Terence W. Miller 23. Sarvodaya and State Power : Theory and Practice in South Africa/Detlef Kantowsky 24. Work and the Meaning of Work/H. M. De Lange 25. Love is Real and Active/R. Scott Kennedy 26. Civil Disobedience in a Democracy/Gene Sharp 27. Gandhi, M. L. King and the Civil Right Movement/K. L. Seshagiri Rao 28. Non-Violence, Truth and International Peacemaking/Indrajit Rikhey 29. Revolution & Non-Violence : A Pacifist View/Herold F. Bing 30. Gandhian Concept of Non-Violence/William Stuart Nelson 31. Violence-Non-Violence at Kyoto and Beyond/Homer A. Jack 32. Creating a New School of Economic Thought A New Initiative in the Field of Economics/Paul Ekins 33. Role of Shramadana in Rural Development/A. T. Ariyaratne 34. Non-Violence and the Rule of Law/Horace Alexander 35. Gandhi`s Religious Quest in South Africa/K. L. Seshagiri Rao 36. The Last Hours of Mahatma Gandhi/Stephen Murphy 37. Gandhi for Mere Mortals/Stephen Murphy 38. Implications of the Limits to Growth Debate-Small is Beautiful/E. F, Schumacher 39. Nonviolence in the 21st Century : Challenges and Choices/Arun Gandhi 40. Gandhi and War/George Paxton 41. `We do Not Want Violence; The Buber-Gandhi Controversy : A Contribution to Practical Philosophy` : Book Review/Christian Bartolf 42. Gandhian Concept of Equitable Equality/Amalendu Guha 43. Non-Violent Philosophy and Culture of Peace : Gandhi`s Contribution/Amalendu Guha 44. Concept of the Philosophy of Peace/Amalendu Guha 45. From Gautama Buddha and Gandhi to Ikeda : Missions and Visions of Peace and Truth/Amalendu Guha 46. Why Gandhi`s Principles of Nonviolence are Relevant Today/Michelle Myres 47. Gandhi`s Philosophy and Sufi Doctrine/Nageen Sai Zinovieff 48. Gandhi and "Imperfect Religions"/Nageen Sai Zinovieff 49. Need to Revisit Gandhi`s Message/Paras Ramoutar Printed Pages: 414.
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