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Pakistan:National Human Development Report 2003: Poverty, Growth and Governance
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9789698736002 - Dr. Akmal Hussain: Pakistan:National Human Development Report 2003: Poverty, Growth and Governance
Dr. Akmal Hussain (?):

Pakistan:National Human Development Report 2003: Poverty, Growth and Governance (2004) (?)

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ISBN: 9789698736002 (?) or 969873600X, in english, 196 pages, OUP Pakistan, Paperback, New.

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From Seller/Antiquarian, K.L. Malik & Sons.
Pakistan is confronting a major humanitarian crisis, due to widespread poverty, a lack of basic health services, slow economic growth, fiscal constraints on development expenditure and problems of governance. In this Report, Akmal Hussain reveals the links between each of these facets and puts forward an integrated strategy of public action. Drawing on new survey data, Hussain systematically determines the causal factors behind escalating poverty levels and identifies points of key intervention. The Report suggests that greater control over productive and monetary resources, and institutionalised access to government, would give those suffering poverty the chance to improve their situation. At present, Hussain argues, the poor are victims of an exploitative state, which deprives them of a large proportion of their actual and potential incomes. The Report provides hard evidence to back Hussain's campaign for equitable access to markets, social welfare and education in Pakistan, for all members of the population. paperback, Label: OUP Pakistan, OUP Pakistan, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2004-01-28, Studio: OUP Pakistan.
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Pakistan:National Human Development Report 2003: Poverty, Growth and GovernanceDr. Akmal Hussain: Pakistan:National Human Development Report 2003: Poverty, Growth and Governance
ISBN: 9789698736002

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